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Lease Program

Let us help you raise a Race Horse in a new and more economical way!

This lease program is for the people who love the Racing industry, the pleasure of watching your horse work hard for you, to make it to the winners circle. People who want a foal/foals and don't want to pay to keep a mare/s throughout the year before she/they are bred and after the foal is weaned.

In this program, When the foal is born you can choose to have the same mare re-bred to the same stallion or to anyone of our stallions. Choose a different mare {Prices very with individual mares} bred to the same stallion or a different combination entirely, your choose.

OH YA, you don't have to sell the mare or give it away, Hmm, or find another Mare, WOW.

The Mares in the lease program this year are all ready bred. You can choose a Mare/Stallion combination in progress. No lease can be purchased after the mare reaches the 5th month of her gestation. We believe the matches we have made this season are strong, Sprint, Turf and Distance breeding's. If none of our matches work for you, foaling is in the spring, you can choose a match more to your liking.

Example:  If you board your own mare at an outside barn it will cost an estimated $17.00 Dry to $19,00 Wet per day, depending on the facility, some are more, some a bit less.

$17.00 x 31 ...........................$527.00 per month Dry

Farrier every 4 to 6 wks.............$ 50.00

Wormer every 4 to 6 wks..........$ 25.00

Supplements for bred mares

and lactating mom's...................$125.00

                                          Total $727.00

Trailering to and from the Stallion of your choose. Also the Stallion fees and all the fees that go along with breeding. These costs also do not include the Mares shots during pregnancy, foaling costs, any Veterinarian Costs, any after care if the Mare or the foal needs it, and Veterinarian farm calls. These things can rack up $$$ fast.

The Pro's

The Con's

1] A Flat Rate every month no surprises

1] You don't own the mare

2] No Stallion Fee's

2] Limited to available Mare Bloodlines

3] No Seasonal Prep Fee

3] Limited to available Stallions

4] No Worming Costs

5] No Farrier Fee's

6] No Foaling Fee's

7] All shots provided during Pregnancy

8] If there is a fatality you choose a 2nd bred mare in the beginning at no cost

9] You don't wait a full year and have nothing

10] New mares enter the program every year

11] New Stallions are added now and then

12] Can Choose a different mare each season

13] Foals will be halter broke, no extra cost

How the Program Works

1] You choose a Mare and Stallion combination, sign the breeding contract with the set dollar amount. The chosen Mare is then bred to your Stallion of choice, she receives the pregnancy check at 18 days, then at 30 days she is checked for life and twins. At the end of the 4th month with her pregnancy holding true,your payments begin and continue until the foal is weaned your choose at 5 or 6 months.

2] At the time of choosing your Primary Mare/Stallion combination, you also choose a  2nd mare/Stallion combination at no cost. This foal will be your back up foal, should anything happen to the Primary foal.

3] Upon delivery the foal will receive any and all medical care it requires to grow into a healthy, happy baby. At that time you will receive the Stallion certificate to register your new foal as the Breeder. Which entitles you to breeder's awards.

4] At the time of foaling you can choose to re-bred the mare or not, this information must be given to us within 4 days of the foaling. There is no obligation for you to re-bred this Mare, the Mare is then considered open to other clients to choose the Mare and bred her to the Stallion of their choice.

5] At the time of weaning the breeding contract is complete. The foal can be removed from the premises. Any foal that is born on the premises can remain until they reach 1 year of age at the breeding contract rate which is less than any day rate + any other fees {wormer, farrier, Vet costs, etc:} that the foal en cures.

Call 254-482-2189 or 254-482-0142 with any questions you may have and pricing Information.

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