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DSC00469Stalls are 10x12 with built in hay rack and feeder, 4 foot sliding door with 2x6 wood bottom and 2" pipe tops, safe and seamless.

4 well breed Stallions to choose from, visit our stallion page for more information

Mare Care
We supply top quality feed and alfalfa, guarantee bred, with live foal guarantee. Your mare will return to you as fat and healthy as she arrived or it's free.

We offer prenatal shots for your mare, 12x20 birthing stall, 24 hour camera supervision once mare has begun until foaled, all standard foaling procedures are followed after foal is born.

Foal weaning

1019171613All foals left for weaning get resistance free training to halter and lead, pick up their feet and bath. Worming and wean-ling shots as well.

 Starting 2 & 3 year old's
Red_BoyWe do only resistance free training to introduce young horses to the saddle and rider. We are NOT race trainers, 1 is available upon request.

If your horse needs some down time from the track or after care from the veterinarian, we will be happy to take care of it for you.

Senior Retirement

20170801_141336This guy is 28 but don't tell him that, he wouldn't believe you anyway. A happy and healthy old man, as a senior he needs special care. We pride ourselves in giving and caring for your seniors, who have served you well and deserve the extra mile.




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