About US

Ivy Rose Equestrian

We are a family-owned business. When I was four, my mother got me my first pony and I’ve been hooked ever since! We are horse lovers, we respect and try hard everyday to understand horses, the way they move and what makes them tick. We have been doing it for many years and I can not think of anything I would rather do.

What drives us

I have studied many riding styles, from endurance and Gymkhana to hunter and dressage. I enjoy them all! And that has passed on to our breeding program. Horses that are correct, willing and competitive.

We take pride in the care the horses receive here and treat every horse like one of our own. Abuse in any form is not tolerated.


All the people that work here and have contact with the horses in our facility love and care for horses. It takes a lot of people to care for horses ranging from the trainers, handlers, Farrier, and the Vet, to the guy that delivers the hay, and the feed store that supply’s the feed. Many people take part in many aspects of the daily dealings of the horses. Having and working with horses as with any animal takes people that just plain love it, it’s in our hearts and souls……….Just can’t change it…….You know what they say if you can’t beat it join it.

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