Horses need daily care regardless of the weather, schedules, or holidays. Keeping a horse is a 365 day a year job, and that is our specialty.


Stalls are 10×12 with built in hay rack and feeder, 4 foot sliding door with 2×6 wood bottom and 2″ pipe tops, safe and seamless.


8 well breed Stallions to choose from, visit our stallion page for more information

Mare Care

We supply top quality feed and alfalfa, guarantee bred, with live foal guarantee. Your mare will return to you as fat and healthy as she arrived or it’s free.


We offer prenatal shots for your mare, 12×20 birthing stall, 24 hour camera supervision once mare has begun labor, fresh clean soft straw for baby to arrive on, all standard foaling procedures are followed after foal is born.

Foal Weaning

All foals left for weaning get resistance free training to halter and lead, pick up their feet and bath. Worming, Farrier and wean-ling shots, are provided, at an additional fee.


We also have year round boarding with individual paddocks, for 1 to 4 horse’s, depending on how many or few you have. Or you can choose a 20 acre pasture boarding that the horse’s live in a herd and have a pond to swim in, round bales, salt and sweet licks are also supplied in pastures. They do love the pond in the summer time.


If your horse needs some down time from the track or after care from the veterinarian, we will be happy to take care of your patent for you. We know life is busy and much as you would like to you can’t be there all the time, this is our job and we love doing it, and love all the horse’s in our care. Young, old and everyone in between.

Senior Retirement

This guy is 31 but don’t tell him that, he wouldn’t believe you anyway. A happy and healthy old man, as a senior he needs special care. We pride ourselves in giving and caring for your seniors, who have served you well and deserve the extra mile.


We offer transportation in the state of Texas for pick up of your mare/s and delivery for your mare/s and babies after foaling and or breeding. We are not a transport for hire going other places, just to and from our location.

Get In Touch

Feel free to call to schedule your mare in for breeding or boarding.
We will be happy to answer any and all your questions